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Why Choose Road Trips as a Family Excursion?

February 26, 2021

The next time you go online and peruse sites looking for the perfect vacation, take a moment to consider a road trip. Fostering your adventurous spirit is what a trip on the open road accomplishes. No crowds, lines, checking luggage, keeping track of boarding passes, refraining from using phrases like lip “balm” which may send the TSA agents aflutter. Rather, plan your route, grab the keys, load up your vehicle, and go!


Choosing Cultural and Heritage Sites as a Family Road Trip Destination

It’s easy to turn a road trip into an enjoyable vacation and give your family and friends invaluable knowledge about the world around them by connecting with indigenous culture. You may end up cultivating within your group a unique appreciation for these interesting pieces of Canadian history.


Choose Destinations and Follow an Itinerary

Choosing which spots you’re going to visit is perhaps the most important part of a road trip, and your itinerary plays a critical role. Do your research and pick places that will create a wonderful experience for everyone. Opting for a culturally centred route is a great way to nurture social ties and allow the whole group to pitch in ideas for stops. As the first major Métis cultural interpretive centre in Alberta, Métis Crossing is the perfect choice to take advantage of unforgettable cultural and educational activities.


Plan a Cultural Visit to Métis Crossing

The centre is conveniently located ten minutes south of Smokey Lake if you’re following the Victoria Trail, and just an hour and a half’s drive northeast of Edmonton, so you’ll get to take in the natural beauty of the surroundings on your way. Don’t forget to pack weather-appropriate shoes and clothes, so you can take part in one of the countless outdoor programs offered.

If you find yourself not wanting to leave, then instead of worrying about getting to your next destination, just sit back and relax around the campfire. The Crossing is fully equipped for overnight visits, so your stay can be extended easily.


Cultural Excursions

Day trips to Métis crossing will be filled with a host of vibrant activities, including seasonal, historical, and artistic exhibits, to make sure your tour is truly one of a kind and offers everyone an exciting and informative day out. The ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ exhibition is definitely worth participating in if you want to get an intimate and eye-opening look into the renowned heritage behind this welcoming community.


Cultural Programs

Métis Crossing offers things to do for every family member, no matter how small, and the cultural program includes a cultivated educational experience for students. Working from a curriculum, your little ones (or olderkids too) can be immersed in comprehensive learning activities. These programs have been specially designed to showcase the distinct nature of Métis’ history and tell the tale in a meaningful way to inspire fun and smart study at every turn.


Cultural Shows

The history of the Métis people in Alberta comes to life at the Crossing, but you won’t just be an audience member, so get ready to get involved and explore the story. There are four experiences in a year, and this winter you have the opportunity to get involved in ‘Tales from the Trapline’. This four-hour winter snowshoe trek around the quaint Métis River Lot farm, will help you learn traditional skills used by the Métis people in the cold season, passed down through the ages. When you’re done, you can peruse the fresh produce available to find some healthy treats.


Traditional Workshops

Create some quirky traditional crafts at one of the Métis Crossing workshops. Open to visitors of all ages and skill levels, these bespoke, hands-on experiences are the perfect way to travel through time and connect with the Métis people by utilising the exact techniques that have been used for generations. The best part is that you get to keep whatever you make, so you’ll have a souvenir to remember the day, like a new woven bag or ribbon skirt to add to your wardrobe.

Time from Edmonton: 1 hour 30 minutes

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