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Whispers From the Stars

Get cozy by our fireplace and listen as our Métis experience providers share stories and practices relating to the skies. Then it's outside for a little stargazing to explore the nights sky and the spirit lights up above.

Listen to legends and folklore about the Métis and stories that relate to our culture

Winter experience

  • 1.5 hours
  • 41-51
  • Groups of up to 15-20

$41 youth / senior $51 adults

The sky, stars, and constellations serve as guiding lights from our ancestors. Hear why the skies were so important to the Métis in settling the west, during the fur trade and how the skies were a guide that was relied upon for survival. Listen to how the sky was used as a clock, calendar, and how it provides critical instructions for understanding when to plant, hunt, and work the land

What's included

Listen to legends and folklore about the Métis and stories that relate to our culture

Add our optional three-course, Métis-inspired dinner to make an evening out of this experience.

Your itinerary

Check-in at Metis Crossing & enjoy dinner (optional)
Exploration of the night skies and stars
Experience Concludes
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Celestial connections

What you'll experience

Discover past and present

Deepen your understanding of Métis heritage through stories from our experienced guides and traditional knowledge-keepers.

Find your connection

Connect to the Métis way of life through the sharing of practices, traditions, and foods central to Métis culture.

Learn by living

Participate in unique activities designed to bring you closer to Métis past, present and future.

Feed your understanding

Experience the healing potential of this powerful place, through a new appreciation for our land, wildlife and shared history. 

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Common Questions

What can I expect during the experience?

Guests will learn about the importance of the sky in Métis history, including its role in settling the west, survival during the fur trade, and its use as a clock and calendar for agricultural and hunting activities.

Do I need prior knowledge of astronomy to participate in the stargazing?

No prior knowledge of astronomy is required. The stargazing portion of the experience is designed for participants of all levels of familiarity with astronomy. Knowledge Holders will guide guests in exploring the night sky through storytelling.

Is dinner included in the experience?

The three-course Métis-inspired dinner is optional and can be added to make an evening out of the experience. Guests can choose to enjoy this dining option for an additional fee.

Is there an age limit for participants?

Whispers from the Stars is suitable for participants of all ages. However, younger children should be accompanied by an adult.

Feed your hunger

Make an evening of your experience

The culinary experience at Métis Crossing has been carefully crafted to share the distinct Indigenous story through taste. Make an evening of your experience with a three-course meal in our Gathering Centre.

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