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Tales from the Trapline A Métis Traditional Experience

Strap on a set of snowshoes, set a snare, build a survival shelter, and learn a traditional craft as you create your own unique and beautiful keepsake.


Strap on snowshoes and explore Métis Crossing with a knowledgeable guide.

Winter experience

  • 3 hours
  • 70 - 82
  • Groups of up to 15 - 20

Guided by a knowledgeable Métis Interpreter, this journey provides participants with the opportunity to explore the cultural significance of life on the land and the traditional Métis way of life.

During this adventure, you’ll gain insights into Métis trapper traditions and the valuable land-based knowledge passed down through generations. We will put on a traditional Métis Capote and snowshoes to venture into the great outdoors, immersing ourselves in the sights, sounds, and scents of the natural world. You’ll learn how to set snares and traps and identify animal tracks, as well as practice skills as shelter-building techniques, traditional plant knowledge, and the art of fire building. At the end of the journey, join us for a traditional craft – an activity where you’ll craft your own souvenir.

What's included

Learn about running a trapline, setting a snare, building camp, and participate in traditional bush craft.

Your itinerary

Tales from the Trapline runs November to March.

Check-in at Metis Crossing
Snowshoeing experience and historical tour
Shelter and fire building techniques
Traditional Craft
Experience concludes
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Traplines and trade

What you'll experience

Discover past
and present

Deepen your understanding of Métis heritage through stories from our experienced guides and traditional knowledge-keepers.

Find a

Connect to the Métis way of life through the sharing of practices, traditions, and foods central to Métis culture.

Learn by

Participate in unique activities designed to bring you closer to Métis past, present and future.

Feed your

Experience the healing potential of this powerful place, through a new appreciation for our land, wildlife and shared history. 

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Common Questions

Is this experience suitable for beginners?

Yes, this experience is suitable for participants of all skill levels, including beginners. Our knowledgeable Métis Interpreter will provide instruction and guidance throughout the activities.

What should I wear and bring for the experience?

We recommend wearing warm and comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities, including layers and waterproof outerwear. Additionally, sturdy footwear is recommended, and participants should bring gloves, hats, and sunscreen as needed. It’s also a good idea to bring a water bottle and any personal items you may need.

Do I need prior experience with snowshoeing or outdoor skills?

No prior experience is required. This experience is designed to be inclusive and accessible to participants of all skill levels. Our Métis Interpreter will provide instruction and support throughout the activities.

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