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Veterans Monument

Métis Crossing stands as an vibrant landmark in the Canadian and Indigenous cultural landscape.


A symbol of continuity

The Veterans Monument acknowledges and memorializes the sacrifices of the Métis men and women in a unique and timeless way.


Past, present and future

In its form, the Monument embodies the texture and movement of a traditional Métis sash. The sash is a literal embodiment of the blending of cultures, with its customary red colour material symbolizing the blood shed by the Métis as they have fought for their rights throughout the centuries. The sash forms a loop, upon which are inscribed the names of the fallen Métis. Benches for visitors integrate within the form of the loop, joining in a symbolic continuity between the past, present, and future. Inscribed glass panels face the walkway that leads to the memorial. Stories and illustrations are inscribed on the panels, the images of which, depending on the time of day, silhouette against the grass or pathway.


The Metis Crossing Veteran’s Monument marries Métis legacy and a community’s optimism in a beautiful and timeless emblem. The Monument reveres Métis history in both its joy and its pain, and is an accessible, beautiful, and dynamic interpretation that integrates with the natural environment and its physical context.



As Alberta’s first major Métis interpretative cultural centre, Métis Crossing stands as an vibrant landmark in the Canadian and Indigenous cultural landscape. An integral—though oft-neglected—element of Métis history is the battles and wars of which the Métis people were part, and which continue to hold a place of relevance in our nation’s historical narratives. Acknowledge and memorialize the sacrifices of these Métis men and women unique and timeless monument.

Indigenous Veterans Day

Each year on November 8th, we observe a time to honor and pay tribute to the courageous Métis, First Nations, and Inuit individuals who have served in the Canadian Armed Forces.

These brave men and women have made significant sacrifices to protect our country and uphold the values of freedom and democracy. It is important to recognize the contributions of Indigenous veterans and to ensure their stories are heard and their sacrifices are never forgotten. Indigenous Veterans Day serves as a reminder of the unique and invaluable contributions made by Indigenous peoples in defending our nation and preserving the freedoms we hold dear. We envision a future where Indigenous Veterans receive the recognition, respect and compassion they deserve, as many Indigenous Veterans faced hardships when they returned from service and did not receive the same benefits or recognition as other Veterans.


What you'll experience

Discover past
and present

By honoring Indigenous Veterans, we acknowledge their past sacrifices, celebrate their resilience and bravery, and strive for a more inclusive society that values the contributions of all individuals. This continuum between past, present, and future allows us to learn, appreciate present contributions, and work towards a better future where all are recognized for their service.

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The Metis Crossing Veteran’s Monument symbolizes this connection, between past and present, reminding us to honor and remember those who have served.

Learn by

Glass didactic panels face the walkway that leads to the monument. Stories and illustrations on the didactic panels describe the battles and wars that Métis people were involved in, beginning with the Battle of Seven Oaks through to the current Peacekeeping times.

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After visiting the Veterans Monument, unwind at the Bistro, where you can enjoy stunning views and relax over a cup of coffee or a delicious lunch.

Common Questions

Who do I contact to have a name added to the plaque?

The Veterans monument is updated by OMG government within Alberta. You may contact their main office to make a request.

Apply here

Can anyone visit the monument?

Absolutely! We invite everyone to visit and pay tribute to the courageous individuals who fought for our freedom and country

Why is it important that we recognize Indigenous veterans?

Indigenous veterans made great sacrifices to serve in Canada’s war efforts, both overseas and at home. Many of them overcame major challenges to serve in the wars, such as: learning to speak English. and adjusting to new cultures.

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