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The value of injecting culture into your off-site team-building event

December 2, 2020

Culture, whether it’s related to work culture or societal culture is very much one and the same concept. A team-building exercise, therefore, is something that seeks to create a common vision and sense of loyalty between team members as a means of achieving the same goal.

Incorporating culture then as part of your team building event is the most logical thing to do. Moreover, incorporating Métis culture into your offsite team building event can make it that much more valuable as few other cultures have displayed the sense of oneness of culture and loyalty between its people than the Métis have.

They have strongly held onto their values, identity, and inheritance as indigenous people of Canada and are still a culture that is recognized and celebrated as part of Canadian history today.

Developing your employee off-site strategy

Developing an off-site strategy is what will give your team-building event structure and will contribute to achieving the end goal which is team building and promoting team cohesiveness.

Make sure to concentrate and focus on what the team-building exercise is about and to hone in and identify the factors that will contribute and not inhibit team spirit and camaraderie.

Aligning employee offsite meetings with employee recognition

Off-site meetings are the ideal time to recognize valued team members’ contributions to a company’s success in a relaxed and jovial atmosphere. It provides the ideal opportunity to celebrate professional milestones as well as an opportunity to reflect on valuable team members’ contributions that may be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of busy days.

Meaningful activities for company offsite meetings

Team building offsite events should be made the most of to really enhance the team-building experience. Hosting your offsite meeting in a cultural heritage site will do just that so be careful not to fill your days with frivolous team-building activities that have no substance to them.

Métis Crossing is a cultural center that promotes Métis culture and is a great venue to host team building events that will encourage teamwork. The facility is a display of Métis history and culture and was designed by a Métis architect to represent the life and times of the Métis people and the value that they added to Canada through the first establishments of trade relations between Canada and Europe.

It is this example of a meaningful activity that will enhance and add value to your off-site team-building event.

Team building activities

Métis Crossing has so many team building activities on site. So many in fact, you won’t need to spend much time researching places to go (hoping that they match what they say); it’ll be right within arm’s reach.

Keynote speakers

For an added touch to a well-rounded event adding a keynote speaker to the team-building event plan is a great way to end an off-site team event.

Keynote speakers are often experts in their field and can be someone to aspire to or glean lessons off of that can propel team members to keep pushing forward and realize the success that others were able to achieve. And because motivation ties in so well with team building activities having a keynote speaker at your event is, therefore, a natural fit for any team building event.

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