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The Greatest Northern Alberta Outdoor Camping Adventure Activities

February 26, 2021

Northern Alberta is a camper’s paradise. With lofty peaks to hike, deep waters to swim and paddle, as well as plenty of woodlands to set up your camp, Northern Alberta is a fantastic place to visit for both groups and solo campers.


North Alberta – A Family-Friendly Vacation Region

Camping is a great vacation option for families of all sizes and ages. With dozens of options for activities, experiences, and relaxation, camping can lead to lifelong memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.


Take a break from modern life through a relaxing stay in beautiful Northern Alberta. Surround yourself with natural wonder and indulge in the enriching lifestyle of the Métis people as you take part in traditional activities that rekindle your connection to our environment.


Spring &Summer Family Activities

Summer is a vibrant and energetic time at Métis Crossing for families. With tons of activities for young and old, we host events that help families bond through traditional First Nations experiences. One of our most popular events is our Métis Archery Program, where actual Métis grandparents teach the way of the land and survival techniques in a combination of hunting, foraging, and cooking.


Fall &Winter Family Activities

With a proud background in Hivernant living, there’s no better place to stay in fall and winter than Métis Crossing. With a culture of log cabins, fur clothing, and season-appropriate entertainment, families can enjoy fun days outdoors, no matter the weather. Colder season events include tobogganing, ice skating, story time around the fire, snowshoeing, and even seasonal food at the Métis Crossing Bistro.


Solo Summer Adventures

With woodland canopies and lakes to cool down in, summer in Alberta is a match made in heaven. Solo adventurers can pitch their tents wherever their heart desires in a variety of stunning locations with plenty of opportunities for hiking, canoeing, and fishing.

Winter Adventures You Can Enjoy Alone

There’s no place to experience winter quite like Alberta. With an idyllic landscape for snowfall, there are plenty of seasonal activities for solo explorers to enjoy. Whether it’s the Great White North Pumpkin Fair in October or dog sledding at Seppala Siberian Tours, there’s a lot to discover.


Paddling into Métis Heritage

Birchbark canoes have become a symbol of Métis heritage and cultural preservation. Canoes have been a vital part of transport and travel for Indigenous communities for thousands of years. Métis canoes are remarkable for their sole use of organic materials, with no extra help from nails or tools. Learn how these boats are intricately made by expert craftspeople using raw materials such as spruce roots and birchbark.Learn how the birchbark canoe passed on to French-Europeans at the start of Métis culture.


Download Your Official Alberta Travel Planner

Are you looking for a quick and simple way to discover the absolute best that Alberta has to offer? Download your free copy of the official Alberta travel planner. The planner is the perfect tool for pinpointing the best tourist locations and offers everything you need to create your preferred style of exploration and adventure.

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