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The Best Education Comes from an Interactive Experience

May 11, 2021

Métis Crossing offers year-round curriculum-based student experiences and educational activities. We work closely with educators and Métis experts and knowledge holders, to provide meaningful and enjoyable educational opportunities for students of all ages. We welcome all opportunities to share our distinct Indigenous story.

Why we believe kids need interactive educational experiences and field trips.

At Métis Crossing we are more than a museum; we offer interactive experiences that are both fun and educational! We believe in engaging students through the head, the heart, and the hands. This means developing custom learning experiences for students and children that will stay with them for years to come. When we think back on our days as students, it is the trips and experiences that we remember – not the days in the classroom. Take a field trip to Métis Crossing and create a learning experience that will truly impact your students or family.

Métis Crossing will engage your head or your mind, by providing visitors with educational and historical learnings. At Métis Crossing your mind will be opened cross cultural learnings that will help you better under the heritage of the Métis people but also allow you to have a better understanding of the history of this place you call home.

Métis Crossing believes in Métis people telling Métis stories. This will engage students and children through their hearts. Hearing personal stories and learning from individuals who are passionate about the Métis story will open their hearts to learning more and embracing those who are from cultures different than their own.

Métis Crossing knows the best way to get a student’s attention is with food. Métis Crossing offers traditional Métis cuisine that both tells the Métis story and bring us all joy. Métis Crossing offers culinary experiences that share the story of the Métis people’s connection to the land and how that changes through the seasons.

Impacting How Students and Children Perceive the World

As children we are sponges, unconsciously consuming every bit of new information and growing as humans. It is utterly important that we experience different cultures and understand their heritage. Reaching beyond our own cultural experience and learning to walk in the shoes of another, makes us all better people. At Métis Crossing we provide a glimpse into the traditional way of life on a river lot farm, but we also share the stories of Métis people today. While the heritage and history of a people is essential to understanding where they came from, recognizing their present-day contribution to our region and society is equally important.

Learn more about how your children or students can experience an interactive, educational, and fun cultural experience at Métis Crossing by visiting:

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