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Summer activities in Alberta

June 11, 2021

At Métis Crossing, it’s summertime and the fun has just begun. What are you waiting for? Get outside! Explore, be active, and have a wonderful summer. Take advantage of the warmer temperatures and pleasant weather to enjoy the best of the season across Alberta. These fun summertime activities aren’t just for entertainment. Your family will gain an understanding of indigenous peoples and enjoy a cultural experience that will last a lifetime.

Comfort camping

Camping is a budget-friendly way to enjoy nature. At Métis Crossing, our Trappers Tents are set up to give you a head start on camping. They’re the perfect location for an overnight adventure. You can unplug, enjoy quality time with your whole family, and sleep under the stars for a breathtaking landscape. Wake up in the morning with a campfire breakfast, then take a guided interpretive tour of Métis Crossing to get to know the Métis people and their heritage.


Hiking is great for your mental and physical health. Alberta is home to five National Parks and features countless trails for day hiking. When you’re in nature, you feel better because you stop ruminating about life’s stressors and humdrum routines. Walking over uneven terrain strengthens your body physically. It also helps you sleep better. Hiking can help you recharge and reconnect with yourself. Métis Crossing has multiple hiking trails that are great for beginners.

Horseback riding

Métis Crossing isn’t the only indigenous cultural experience in Alberta. Painted Warriors Indigenous Outdoor Experience lets you experience the Métis lifestyle in trapper’s tents. Horseback riding was a big part of the Aboriginal lifestyle that you can enjoy at Painted Warriors. Riding a horse develops core strength, exercises the mind, and increases socialization. Painted Warriors sits in the foothills of the Rockies. Take a horseback ride to enjoy the scenery and relax in nature.

Outdoor activities of all types in Alberta

Summer is the time to be outdoors to enjoy nature. You’ll find dozens of outdoor fun summertime activities at Métis Crossing that lead to student success. Fishing, camping, hiking, and exploring nature allow kids to use the things they learned in the classroom.

Make plans to visit Métis Crossing for an indigenous experience and to learn from the Métis elders.

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