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Sky Watching Domes

Métis Crossing offers our guests a truly unique, luxurious experience in our Sky Watching Domes, connecting visitors with the night sky and stars.


The sky, stars, and constellations served as guiding lights for our Métis ancestors. As part of your experience at Métis Crossing you can now sleep under the stars, further exploring how the Métis people used the stars and sky to navigate, and how the sky was used as a clock, calendar, and provided critical instructions for understanding when to plant, hunt, and work the land.

See the Stars Like Never Before

With nearly zero light pollution in the region, guests will spend the night gazing into the sky from the comfort of this luxury accommodation. Our luxury Sky Watching Domes are available in two configurations, family and single suites.




Métis Stargazing

Sleep under the stars like never before, with all the comforts of home.


Comfortable Beds

Our domes include luxury amenities, with comfy beds and warm quilts for the whole family.


Private Rooms

Our domes are spacious and spread out, ensuring plenty of room to rest and reflect.



Our luxury domes include a modern and functional kitchenette.

The Spirit Of Métis Lives Here


Métis Crossing Gift Shop

Find The Perfect Souvenir

Our gift shop is in the Cultural Gathering Centre, just steps away from the Lodge has one-of-a-kind items made by Métis artisans as well as T-shirts, hoodies and other souvenirs.

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