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Gift Shop

Explore a treasure trove of traditional artwork, jewellery, clothing, and unique artifacts that celebrate our heritage, all available at the Métis Crossing gift shop.


Discover a meaningful gift that captures the essence of Métis artistry and story-telling, leaving you with cherished memories of your visit to Métis Crossing.

What's In-Store

Our gift shop, located in our Cultural Gathering Centre, helps tell the story of Alberta Métis by showcasing the many arts, products, and services of the Métis people residing in Alberta.


Métis Artworks

Our Gift Shop offers a selection of Métis artworks, including ceramics, drawings, fibre arts, paintings, sculpture, beadwork and more. Visit us in-store to see the full selection of gifts available, and to learn more about the artists we partner with.

Métis Books

Our selection of books has been thoughtfully curated to help celebrate Métis past, present and future. Whether you’re looking to learn more about Métis history and heritage, reflect on lived Métis experiences or inspire a young reader with Métis storytelling, our Gift Shop has titles for all.



Our Gift Shop stocks a selection of Métis-inspired clothing, from t-shirts and hoodies to authentic Métis sashes. Whether you’re looking to show your Métis pride or your support for Orange Shirt Day, you’ll find it here.

Meet Some Of Our Featured Métis Artists

Get to know our Métis Artisans Featured in the gift shop.


Carmen Miller

Carmen’s work typically reflects her love of Métis floral designs. She has taught extensively in Alberta, Canada’s North and Eastern Canada. Some of her achievements include being a participating artist in a museum display, a Traditional Arts award winner at the Great Northern Arts Festival, and an Artist’s Choice award at the Adaka Cultural Arts Festival.


Nicole Gordon

Nicole is a proud published Métis artist originally from Indigenous Treaty Territory 6. She has always been inspired by the predictive words of the Historic Revolutionary Leader of the Métis people, Louis Riel: My people will sleep for 100 years, but when they awake it will be the artists who give them back their spirit. This quote resonates with her soul and her calling to be a Métis hand drum artist, truthteller, storyteller and poet.


Lisa Shepherd

Lisa’s business started in 2008, when she began making moccasins for friends and family. Her background in clothing design led her to create authentic Métis garments featuring her gorgeous beadwork. She was soon recognized by various community organizations as an expert on Métis art and culture, and became a sought-after teacher of beading, moccasin making, fish scale art and traditional ecological knowledge, including plant medicine.


Leslie Gauthier

Leslie always dreamed of owning her own business. With a love of fashion, creativity, and a business degree, she founded Em&Nate. Her jewellery is simple, high quality and easy to wear. Her designs, inspired by her Indigenous culture and the world around her, are thoughtfully crafted. Em&Nate is a mix of Leslie’s children’s names Emily and Nate, playing off the word emanate: to issue or spread out from.


Call for applications

Call for Alberta Métis Artists and Makers

We invite Alberta Métis and North East Alberta artists and makers to apply to have their work considered for retail sales at Métis Crossing. Learn more about criteria, eligibility and how to apply.

Common Questions

Does the Gift Shop offer consignment opportunities?

Yes, consignment sales are a preferred option. Métis artists may not have their own physical  store or online platform to sell their items. Consignment can be a beneficial arrangement for Métis artists looking to expand their market reach, attract new customers, and increase sales opportunities.

Does the Gift Shop have an online store?

Currently, the Métis Crossing gift shop sales are in-store only. An Online Store and Trading Post are in future development.

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