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Métis Crossing Camping

Métis Crossing Camping provides a unique experience on a traditional Métis river lot, overlooking the North Saskatchewan River. Dive into an immersive experience where you can feel the connection to history and learn about the Indigenous culture.

We are pleased to offer campers a variety of options including RV sites, tent sites, and ‘Comfort Camping’ in our traditional trappers tents. The campground is conveniently located near the Cultural Gathering Centre, overlooking the North Saskatchewan River.

Camping at Métis Crossing

Métis Crossing’s campground is a picturesque and serene destination nestled in the heart of Alberta, Canada. This beautiful campground offers a range of outdoor activities, cultural experiences, and stunning views. With our convenient location along the banks of the historic North Saskatchewan River, you’ll be immersed in the rich history and cultural heritage of the Métis people while enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, a place to connect with nature, or an opportunity to learn about Indigenous culture, our private campground has something to offer for everyone. From camping and exploring to traditional crafts and storytelling, Métis Crossing is the perfect home base for cultural experiences and activities.

Location and Accessibility

Métis Crossing Campground is located just a short distance from the town of Smoky Lake. For travellers coming from Edmonton and surrounding areas, the campground is easily accessible via Highway 28. The drive from Edmonton to Métis Crossing takes approximately 1.5 hours, roughly 120 km away from the city. Travellers can expect to drive on well-maintained highways and paved roads, providing a smooth and comfortable journey.

Métis Crossing is situated on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, offering a picturesque and tranquil setting complete with stunning views. The historic lands hold significance to Métis heritage and history, providing a unique and enriching experience for visitors. The campground offers accessible amenities at the nearby Lodge at Métis Crossing, as well as opportunities for authentic Indigenous experiences, making it a perfect spot for those seeking cultural immersion and outdoor recreation. With its convenient location and rich cultural offerings, our campground is a must-visit destination for those looking to explore the beauty and history of the Métis people in Alberta, and the surrounding areas, including the town of Smoky Lake.

Activities Available

Métis Crossing is the perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable camping experience. Visitors can enjoy the stunning views, with nearby walking trails suitable for all skill levels. The nearby region also offers ATV and biking trails for those looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure. Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted with the opportunities to cast their lines and reel in the catch of the day.

Cultural exploration is a highlight at Métis Crossing, with opportunities to learn about Indigenous culture and Métis heritage, including traditional activities, storytelling, and art. The campground also features a playground for children, making it a family-friendly destination.

Visitors may also be interested in exploring other nearby attractions and events in Smoky Lake County. The region is home to various historical sites, museums, and festivals that showcase local heritage and traditions. Whether it’s outdoor recreation or cultural experiences, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Métis Crossing and in the surrounding area.

Facilities & Amenities

Métis Crossing’s campground offers facilities and a wide range of amenities designed to make an unforgettable camping experience. From accessible picnic tables and firepits to communal washrooms and showers, Métis Crossing has everything you need to relax and unwind.

Picnic Tables

There are multiple picnic tables available for campers to use throughout the campground. These picnic tables are strategically located throughout the grounds, providing convenient spots for you to enjoy meals and engage in outdoor activities. Our picnic tables make it easy to appreciate the beautiful surroundings while enjoying meals and outdoor activities.

Flush Toilets

Our campground offers the convenience of flush toilets for campers in all sites. These facilities are readily available throughout the campground, ensuring easy access for all visitors. Flush toilets are well-maintained and kept clean, providing a comfortable and hygienic experience for campers. Nearby sinks and hand sanitizer stations are also provided to enhance the convenience and overall experience. These amenities make it easy for you to freshen up during your camping trip. We’ve included amenities like these throughout the campground to make it a convenient and comfortable choice for campers seeking modern facilities.

Tent Sites

We are pleased to offer campers a variety of options, including RV camping sites, tent camping sites, and ‘Comfort Camping’ options in our traditional Trappers’ Tents. The tent sites at Métis Crossing Campground offer a rustic camping experience with a range of basic amenities. Each site is equipped with a firepit, perfect for cozy evenings by the fire. Additionally, picnic tables are available at each site for convenient outdoor dining. There are communal washroom facilities with showers located within the campground for added convenience.

With these basic amenities, the tent camping sites at Métis Crossing Campground are perfect for those looking to embrace a camping experience and immerse themselves in nature.

Gas Station Nearby

The gas station nearest to Métis Crossing is just a 10-minute drive from the campground in the town of Smoky Lake, making it easily accessible for campers to refuel their vehicles. Located just off the main road leading to the campground, the gas station is a convenient stop for campers before heading out for their outdoor adventures.

The station also has a convenience store where you can pick up snacks, drinks, and other essential items for your camping trip. For added convenience, the gas station also offers restrooms and a propane refilling station for campers in need of additional amenities. With its range of services and amenities, it’s a valuable resource for campers enjoying an outdoor getaway this camping season.

Bringing Your Pets

At Métis Crossing, we have a pet policy in place to ensure the protection and preservation of our permaculture. While we understand the importance of including pets in your travel plans, we have designated certain areas where pets are allowed to be. However, there are restrictions in place to prevent any damage to the natural environment.

Pets are welcome and permitted only within the Campsite of Métis Crossing. No animals are permitted in the Métis Crossing Cultural Gathering Centre, Deck or all lands east of the Campsite entry access road. Pets are not permitted near or within the Comfort Camping Trapper tent sites, or at the Métis Crossing canoe launch beach. Pets must be kept on a leash no more than 2M in length at all times

We also ask that pet owners clean up after their pets to maintain a clean and safe environment for all guests. We want to ensure a positive experience for all visitors, including those with pets. By following our pet policy and respecting the designated areas, we can continue to protect the natural beauty and biodiversity at Métis Crossing. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us preserve our unique permaculture.

Attractions Around Métis Crossing Campground

Visitors can explore a variety of attractions located near our campground that offer a rich cultural and natural experience. The stunning landscapes in the area provide a picturesque backdrop for outdoor activities such as hiking, birdwatching, and picnicking. History enthusiasts will appreciate the nearby historical sites, which offer a glimpse into the region’s heritage and Indigenous culture. The surrounding area is dotted with various lakes, offering opportunities for fishing, boating, and other water-based activities. Nearby towns like Smoky Lake provide a chance to visit local shops, eateries, and community events, allowing visitors to further immerse themselves in the local culture and hospitality. Whether it’s admiring the beautiful scenery, delving into the area’s history, or enjoying water-based recreation, there’s something for everyone to explore on a day trip around the campground at Métis Crossing.

Things to Do in Smoky Lake

Smoky Lake offers a variety of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy during the camping season. Fishing enthusiasts can spend a day at Smoky Lake, known for its abundance of fish species. Walking trails such as the Iron Horse Trail provide opportunities for outdoor adventures and exploration. Water activities are also popular, with options for boating, kayaking, and swimming at nearby lakes and rivers. For those looking to relax, beach time can be enjoyed at beautiful lakes like Hanmore Lake or the serene shores of Mons Lake.

In terms of amenities, Smoky Lake is well-equipped with restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores to cater to visitors’ needs. Golf enthusiasts can make their way to the Smoky Lake Golf Course for a round of golf. The town also has a healthcare center, ensuring that visitors have access to healthcare services nearby. With its array of activities and convenient amenities, Smoky Lake is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a balance of adventure and comfort.

Things to do in Sturgeon County

Sturgeon County offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. Located near Smoky Lake, visitors can easily explore both areas and take advantage of the amenities available on a day trip just a short drive from their camping spot.

Sturgeon County is home to several attractions, including the Redwater Museum, Jurassic Forest, and numerous cultural and historical sites. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the various beautiful lakes and recreational walking trails within the county, perfect for hiking, fishing, and boating. Additionally, golf enthusiasts can take advantage of the several golf courses in the area, offering scenic views and challenging play.

With its close proximity to Smoky Lake, visitors can also explore the annual pumpkin festival and take in the rich cultural and agricultural heritage of the region. Whether it’s exploring cultural attractions, enjoying outdoor activities, or taking advantage of the amenities in the area, Sturgeon County has something for everyone to enjoy.

The Lodge at Métis Crossing: Advantages for Campers

The Lodge at Métis Crossing offers campers a range of advantages to enhance their comfort camping experience. The 40-room lodge provides a variety of amenities and features, including accessibility options and accommodations for persons with disabilities and seniors. Its facilities are designed to be inclusive and welcoming to all visitors, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

The Lodge at Métis Crossing offers cozy and comfortable spaces for campers to eat and relax, providing a welcoming environment to get inside if necessary. These amenities enhance the camping experience, allowing visitors to take refuge from the elements and enjoy a warm and inviting atmosphere. The Lodge at Métis Crossing’s commitment to accessibility ensures that all campers can enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings and the convenience of modern amenities.

The Lodge at Métis Crossing provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for all campers, offering a wide range of amenities and features to enhance their stay. Whether it’s a place to relax and unwind or a cozy spot to enjoy a meal, The Lodge at Métis Crossing is committed to providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Trapper's Tents at Métis Crossing: Advantages for Campers

When staying at the Trapper’s Tents at Métis Crossing, it is essential to bring warm clothing suitable for varying weather conditions, as temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day and night. It is also important to bring camping gear such as a tent, sleeping bag, camping stove, and cooking utensils. Additionally, make sure to obtain the necessary permits for the camping area before your visit, as well as familiarize yourself with any regulations that may apply. It is always recommended to bring enough food and water for the duration of your stay, as well as any personal items and toiletries that you may need.

Being prepared with some essential items will help ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience in Métis Crossing’s Trapper’s Tents. Each tent includes two sets of single bunk beds, a wood stove for that historic camp smoke, and a mattress. To ensure you have a comfortable stay in our Trappers Tents we recommend packing the following:

  • Sleeping Bag / Bedding / Pillow
  • Flashlight / Lantern
  • Water bottle
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Matches / Firestarters
  • Axe / Hatchet
  • Camp Stove & Cookware
  • Camp Chairs

The Spirit Of Métis Crossing Live Here

Métis Crossing Gift Shop

Discover One-Of-A-Kind Métis Art

Check out the Métis Crossing Gift Shop, where you’ll be sure to find something you’ll love! Located in Cultural Gathering Center, just steps away from The Lodge.

Camping at Métis Crossing

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Métis Crossing is the perfect location to explore for your next overnight adventure. Camping in Alberta parks is available directly on-site, providing the perfect home base for cultural experiences and activities.

We are pleased to offer campers a variety of options including RV sites, tent sites, and ‘Comfort Camping’ in our traditional trappers’ tents. The campground is conveniently located near the Cultural Gathering Centre, overlooking the North Saskatchewan River.

2024 Métis Crossing Camping Prices

  • Trappers tents; $110/ per night
  • Powered RV site; $45/ per night
  • Non-powered RV site; $35/ per night
  • Tent site; $25/ per night
  • Firewood; $12/ per bundle

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