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Reconnect to Heritage, Traditions, and Each Other

February 26, 2021

Technology can distract us from the relationships and connections that matter to us as humans. We believe strongly in the tenets passed down in Métis culture — and we know first-hand how camping can reset our perspective to the people around us. Métis Crossing is the ideal location to socialize with others, strengthen existing relationships, and even build new kinships. Whether it’s friends, families, or fellow campers, there are plenty of opportunities to reconnect through shared experiences and activities.


Even the smell of crackling firewood can conjure up feelings of spirituality, tranquility, and relaxation. We believe that it is important to facilitate a place where people can reconnect with the natural world and re-learn how to live harmoniously with nature. Visitors will discover the advantages of ancestral knowledge and a respectful approach to modern living.


Passing Down Knowledge to Younger Generations

Storytelling and generational knowledge is an important part of First Nations culture. We think it’s just as important to pass on traditions to those outside our culture as it is to those within. Non-Indigenous people can explore this unique relationship between elders and younger generations through many on-site activities, whether it’s through campfire stories, hands-on traditions, or ancestral knowledge.


Listen and Discover the MichifLanguage

Michif is a language that is spoken exclusively by Métis that continues to exist among Métis communities. Developed from French nouns and Cree verbs, Michif came into existence through the marriage of French fur traders and First Nations women. Despite emerging in the early 19th century, Michif continues to be a unique language amongst the Indigenous people.


Download and Listen to an mp3 Copy of “Proud to be Métis”

Recording and preserving the Michif language is a key goal of Métis anthropology into the future. You can hear their anthem here. Curious to know more and wondering what it sounds like? You can listen to an example of spoken Michif and learn to count like the Métis.

Attending Traditional Workshops for Hands-On Experiences

At Métis Crossing we have several traditional workshops available all-year-round. Through tactile and first-hand activities, visitors get hands-on experience in a number of different areas. From cuisine to canoeing, campers can enjoy everything including hiking, foraging, and even traditional dancing.


Dancing the Métis Jig

Jigging makes up a significant portion of Métis culture. In the same way that many other Indigenous activities and games require extensive physical fitness, jigging is an energetic form of entertainment and self-expression. Historically, the Métis jig has promoted strength and vitality as well as a sense of community and culture.


Indigenous Memorable Tourism Experiences in Canada

Métis Crossing is the perfect destination to experience an authentic and memorable Indigenous lifestyle. Whether it’s national or international tourists, families or solo adventurers, people from across the globe can explore Métis Crossing’s preservation of First Nations culture. By taking your first steps into understanding Indigenous tradition, you’ll form memories that will last a lifetime.

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