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Reasons to Support the Use of the Wedding Planning Checklist

February 26, 2021

Métis words of wisdom and core value: patience (pa iksitii) – taking time to enjoy the processes of life, is a common Métis tradition. Learning to look, listen, and learn is a highly valued skill. Taking the time to think before acting and using prayer before making important decisions is a common aspect of the Métis way. Doing things carefully, mindfully, and purposefully the first time is encouraged. Métis carpenters always said, “measure twice – cut once.”


The To-Do List: 12 Months – 8 Months Before the Wedding Day

Although many engagements can result in varying wedding dates — some may even be the same day as the proposal —, the ideal wedding is one that has been planned far enough in advance that you’re able to make all the preparations without feeling rushed. Proper planning for a successful wedding celebration should begin at least 12 months before the main event.


12 Months Out

Establish Your Budget and Draw Up a Guest List

Your budget will dictate almost every facet of your planning — from the facility in which your wedding will take place to the bouquet in your hands as you walk down the aisle, so this step is paramount. Once you determine who will be paying for the wedding and the total budget, then you can create a realistic guest list.


Hire a Wedding Planner, Photographer, Band, DJ, and Videographer

It is important that you find and reserve all the professionals that will take part in your wedding, as soon as possible. If your budget allows you to hire a wedding planner, then make it a priority to book their services. Your planner should have experience in locating the other professionals on their list.


11 Months Out

Decide on the Overall Theme

From southern classic to boho-chic, the theme and its accompanying design elements should be outlined before you make any other decisions. This affect everything from your attire to the choice of weddingvenue.


Select the Venue

Speaking of venues, this is obviously an integral component and one that should be researched thoroughly. Designed by Métis Architect Tiffany Shaw-Collinge of Manasc Isaac Architects, the new Cultural Gathering Centre at Métis Crossing offers a beautiful “state-of-the-art” facility amidst Alberta’s scenic wilderness.


Select the Caterer

Staying true to its roots while offering first-class catering, Métis Crossing serves up Chef Brad Lazarenko and his staff of indigenous youth. With over 15 years of experience in the field of catering and dining, Brad embraces his Métis background and uses its principles to infuse each of his acclaimed dishes.


10 Months Out

Buy Your Wedding Dress

Although a wedding signifies the unity of two individuals, the bride’s wedding dress seems to garner most of the attention. This is a good time to either pick one off the rack or have one custom made.


Book Accommodations for Your Guests

Métis Crossing currently offers and is constructing a wide range of accommodation options for your guests, from eco-friendly glass pods to the cozy atmosphere of a traditional lodge.


9 Months Out

Create a Wedding Website

There is a bevy of websites that are dedicated to providing everything you need to share your wedding details with friends and family.


Take Engagement Photos

Now is the time to take the picture that will reside on the refrigerator doors of your family friends!


Send Your ‘Save the Date’ Invites

Phew, you’re a third of the way to your goal — the wedding aisle!


Keep calm and stay on top of things. Follow these Métis words of wisdom and core values: respect (kishchitaytamik) – respect is integrated into all areas of life. Respect for the creator, Mother Earth, the living world, and oneself is paramount towards living in a good Métis way.

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