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Vision, Hopes, and Dreams, Wildlife Park

Metis Crossing has welcomed the return of heritage species to the Crossing! The Visions, Hopes and Dreams at Métis Crossing Wildlife Park welcomed the return of Woods Bison, Plains Bison, White Bison, Elk, White Elk, and Percheron horses to the traditional Métis Lands at Métis Crossing. The bison, or “bufloo” in Michif, the language of the Métis, last roamed these hills in and around 1865. We have re-introduced these majestic beasts to their natural habitat.

The historical relationship between the Métis people and bison stems from the bison hunt that brought thousands of Métis people together each spring and fall. Through the gathering of these large communities, the Métis Nation took shape with the development of their own laws, democratic, and judicial systems.

Beginning December 11th, visitors to Métis Crossing will have the opportunity to experience the majesty of these animals through interpretive programming and tours.

Signature Experience Bison Tours Friday, Saturday & Sunday   
Days of Week Friday, Saturday & Sunday    
Duration: 1.5 hours Tours begin at 11:00 am or 1:30 pm  
Prices Adults $ 69.00
  Senior & Youth $ 55.00
  MNA Citizens Regular Price  
  Settlement Members Regular Price

Expanded 2.5 hour bison tour with buffalo camp experience is available for group bookings. Price $129 per person. Please contact Métis Crossing to learn more.