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Educational Opportunities

Métis Crossing offers curriculum-based student experiences and educational activities. We work closely with educators and Métis experts to provide meaningful and enjoyable educational opportunities for students of all ages.

School Trips

The programs are organized into stations, each focusing on a different element of the Métis Story. The length of time at each station can be adjusted to run between 30-45 minutes. Programming is available between 10:00am and 3:00pm. Stations, activities, and schedules can be adapted according to the amount of time you can join us at Métis Crossing. Please Choose 3-4 Station options to be included in the program.

Beaver Tales & The Fur Trade

Métis people are known to be stewards of the land and many Métis people today take on the important roles of hunting and trapping, to provide for their families and manage animal populations. Learn about the roles Métis people had in the fur trade and the importance of the beaver. Students will be able to handle different pelts and furs.

Outdoor Classroom

Life on a River Lot Farm

Students will tour the historical river lot farms of the Cromarty and Sinclair families and learn about how these Métis families lived during this time. Students will also learn about the circumstances that led to the formation of Métis settlements and the impacts of this change for Métis families.

Historical homesteads.

Keeping it Riel

Métis people have played an important role in military history, fighting for rights and freedoms for themselves and for the people of Canada. Students will be introduced to Métis military history, Louis Riel’s role as a Métis political leader, and the impacts of the Red River Resistance for Métis people.

Veterans Monument

Nature’s Harvest

Plants play an important role for Métis people. Plants are our first family and are foundational in supporting all other life. Students will explore a trail along the North Saskatchewan River Valley and be introduced to local plants that are culturally significant to Métis people.

Harvest Camp: Take a short walk down the riverside trail.

Métis Arts

Métis people were known as the peacocks of the prairies and still love to make beautiful and colorful things! Students will make a craft and be introduced to styles and materials used in traditional Métis art.

Tent or Red Barn

Traditional Games

Students will participate in friendly competitions that build skills needed to live a traditional way of life and provide and contribute to their community.

Indigenous Peoples & Canada

During this 4-day executive retreat, participants take part in land based experiences rooted in Métis culture and history. You’ll have the opportunity to spend time around the fire with Métis knowledge holders, develop a wholistic understanding of the Métis, and relax in the Lodge and enjoy Indigenous inspired cuisine.

Common Questions

When are packages available?

Please note these packages are only available for guests booking a stay from Friday-Sunday.

How many guests are included?

The package price is based on double occupancy, with two people sharing a room.

Is transportation available?

Transportation is available via ground or air from the Edmonton International Airport or other destinations in the region.

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Métis Crossing is the first major Métis cultural interpretive centre in Alberta and is a premier centre for Alberta Métis cultural interpretation, education, gatherings, and business development.

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