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Outdoor activities and experiences

June 11, 2021

When summer camp isn’t an option, it’s time to find some great outdoor activities and experiences for your kids to keep them from languishing inside when school is out of session. Alberta has some wonderful opportunities for children of all ages. Here are some of the best things to keep kids entertained while helping them learn history and culture.

Slave Lake Fishing Tours

Slave Lake is the tenth largest lake in the world. For eight months of the year, it’s covered with ice, so summer is prime season for trout and pike fishing. It’s so far north that the sun sets for only a short period each day. In August, the lake is a great place to catch the Northern Lights. If you get tired of fishing, visit the bison sanctuary as part of your summer outdoor activities and experiences.

Painted Warriors Indigenous Outdoor Experience

This cultural experience takes place in the forests at the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. You’ll learn about the Aboriginal peoples and how they lived. Wake up to a view of the Rockies as you’ve never seen them. Spend a day or multiple days with your family here and reconnect with nature.

Walk where the dinosaurs lived

Dinosaur Provincial Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is still discovering fossils. Explore the outdoor fossil displays or hike through the park to discover historical dig sites. The site is a great place to take pictures of the badlands and to learn more about the province. You may want to plan a two or three day stay in the campgrounds to fully appreciate the park.

Attend a rodeo

Rodeo is alive and well in Alberta, almost the official sport of the province. There’s practically no better way to discover the thrill of the rodeo than in small communities that are passionate about their western heritage. Find a schedule for local rodeos at

Métis Crossing

Métis Crossing is a unique summer camp where kids head outdoors to follow clues and solve mysteries. It’s a cultural experience where history meets adventure. Camp for a few days while you learn more about Our Distinct Indigenous Story to find out why the Métis are so important to Canada’s history and future. Make plans to stay at Métis Crossing this summer.

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