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Meet the Métis Crossing Team

Meet the Métis Crossing Team

Meet the Métis Crossing Team

Our Team works year-round to provide unique programming and events for visitors, educators, students, and the Métis People.



Reporting to the Board of Directors, Juanita is responsible for leading Métis Crossing in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s mission, goals and principles.

Juanita Marois is the CEO at Métis Crossing, and a proud citizen of Alberta’s Métis Nation. Juanita considers herself privileged to lead the exciting expansion of not only Alberta’s, but also Canada’s, first major Métis cultural gathering centre.

Juanita earned her MA degree in sustainable tourism development from the University of Alberta where she continued as a lecturer for 2 years in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation.

Juanita has worked in the tourism industry for over 15 years with organizations such as Northlands Park and Princess Tours. Her experience has expanded from a front-line practitioner, to a planner, researcher and consultant. She has had unique opportunities to participate in socio-economic development, Indigenous tourism, and community investment projects that now feed her collaborative approach to Métis Crossing. In June 2021 Juanita was appointed as a member of the Travel Alberta Board of Directors.



Director of Business Development

Leon Boychuk-Hunter was born and raised on River Lot 11 on the southern banks of Amiskwaciwâskahikan. Early exposure to Ukrainian Folk traditions piqued his interest in global cultural traditions. He graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.A. in Drama. Leon has pursued opportunities in cultural interpretation, arts and culture and tourism management. He has been working with Métis Crossing since 2014. In 2021 he received a Graduate Certificate in Tourism Management from Royal Roads University and became elected as a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society of Canada.

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Knowledge Holder & Teacher

I am a kokum that is very proud of her Métis heritage. My life has been enriched with experiences of life on a trapline, farming, horse trainer, truck driver, equipment operator, boiler room assistant, gas bar manager and transportation and supervision for family services.

I am a long time Métis artisan, doll maker, fiber artist, nester, baker, teacher, thrift store shopper and lover of giving old things a new purpose.

I love teaching and sharing my many Métis crafts with people who love to make handcrafted items.

I have resided on Buffalo Lake Métis settlement for 41 years. I was born and raised on a traditional Métis farm north of High Prairie Alberta where I learned how to snare rabbits, ride horses, and live off the land.

I was raised in an old hand-hewn log home. Today I am blessed to be the Knowledge Keeper and Teacher at Métis Crossing. There I get to share my life experience with many people from all walks of life, so they learn who the Métis people are.

It is extremely important that our young people learn these traditional cultural skills to they can them pass down to the next generations. For it is through our children that our Métis heritage will survive and thrive.

My husband Jerry makes me happy and proud. My children make me smile with pride and humble me with their love. My family and friends are special, supportive and are an anchor in my life.