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Métis Crossing Future

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Métis Crossing Future

Métis Crossing Future

Métis Crossing – Our Future

Métis Crossing has been developed to be a year-round destination centered around the distinct Métis Indigenous story and culture. In 2020 we are thrilled to be opening our new Cultural gathering centre. The Cultural Gathering Centre is designed by Métis Architect Tiffany Shaw-Collinge from Manasc Isaac Architects and incorporates traditional craftsmanship with modern materials to create a stunning structure that hints at the building style of the fur trade era river lot homes, while offering the functionality of a contemporary place to gather, learn, and share the Métis story.

We are excited for the future and we are looking forward to building on the success, beauty, and cultural enthusiasm that Métis Crossing strives to share with the world. Below are just a few of our plans for the future!

The Métis Crossing Lodge

Métis Crossing will be home to a 40-room lodge offering visitors to the Crossing the opportunity to spend the night in comfort!

Star Watching Glass Pods

Sleep under the stars at Métis Crossing! Glass pods will allow you to enjoy a comfort camping experience while still enjoying the incredible view of the stars from Métis Crossing.

Playground Area

A place for kids to play the way kids should! This area will also include elements that utilise the landscape and environment. Swings, slides, and climbing areas to keep the kids busy and encourage them to enjoy the outdoors!

Animal Area

Show casing the animals of the region and those found in a Métis home, this area will allow for animal introductions and viewing.

Historical Métis Exhibit

While Métis Crossing is not a museum, but rather an immerse experience, in the future we hope to showcase Métis history and the origins of Indigenous peoples through a more traditional exhibit.

Skills Show

An outdoor demonstration designed to showcase the traditional hunting skills of Métis people. This will be a visual and entertaining demonstration encouraging audience participation.

Cooking Demonstrations

Métis people have a long history of culinary techniques utilising ingredients found on the surrounding land. These demonstrations will engage audiences in culinary training and over the fire.

Skills Barn

Métis traditional skills from jigging to weaving and hunting will all be taught and open for visitor experience in the skills barn.

Traditional Gardens

Métis Crossing is home to native plants from the region and these gardens will highlight the wide variety of culinary ingredients and decorative plants in the region.


Métis people are known for their traditional hunting techniques. The Métis Crossing archery program will offer visitors the opportunity to learn and practice archery.

Toboggan Run

Métis Crossing is a year-round destination and we are looking forward to your family joining us for some good ol’ tobogganing!