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Leading the Way in Sustainability Award

March 10, 2023

We are profoundly honored to extend our gratitude for the recognition Métis Crossing received with the “Leading the Way in Sustainability” award. This accolade from Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada signifies a pivotal moment in our journey toward regeneration and reconciliation.

This esteemed award not only celebrates our commitment to sustainability but also highlights a remarkable partnership aimed at rejuvenating a crucial grassland ecosystem. In a symbolic gesture, it welcomes the return of heritage Bison species to the very lands where Métis ancestors once thrived, hunted, and lived. The reintroduction of these majestic creatures stands as a powerful symbol of the enduring connection between Indigenous Peoples and their ancestral homelands. It is a poignant reminder of our responsibility to preserve and nurture the environment that sustains us all. This award is an embodiment of our dedication to both sustainability and the meaningful pursuit of reconciliation.

We are profoundly grateful for this recognition, which reinforces the importance of our mission and inspires us to continue leading the way towards a more sustainable and harmonious future.

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