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We Are Métis

Indigenous Peoples & Canada at Métis Crossing

Indigenous Peoples & Canada at Métis Crossing

Executive Cultural Awareness Retreat.


We are pleased to introduce a collaborative new program from Métis Crossing and the Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta.


During this 4 day executive retreat you will:

  • Complete the Indigenous Peoples and Canada 6-module micro-course that looks at Indigenous historical and contemporary experiences in order to understand the legacy of settler colonialism and affirm Indigenous self- determination.
  • Deepen you appreciation of the Métis by participating in land based experiences rooted in Métis culture and history.
  • Spend time around the fire with Métis knowledge holders to gain a deeper understanding of the Métis.
  • Develop a wholistic understanding of the Métis Nation.
  • Earn a certificate of completion and digital badge issued by the University of Alberta, and Métis Crossing, an affiliate of the Métis Nation within Alberta.
  • Relax in the Lodge at Métis Crossing and enjoy Indigenous inspired cuisine.

Our Course

Faculty of Native Studies (University of Alberta) Indigenous Peoples and Canada Course

A 6-module micro-course that looks at Indigenous historical and contemporary experiences in order to understand the legacy of settler colonialism and affirm Indigenous self-determination. This course covers topics like worldview, resources and relations, governance and treaty, institutionalization, contemporary communities, and resistance and resiliency. Course content will sharpen learners’ critical thinking skills to strengthen personal and professional ethics and will deepen Indigenous/non- Indigenous collaboration through building literacy about Indigenous societies, enhancing intercultural awareness, and obtaining balanced facts about Canadian history and current realities.


Otipemisiwak - The People Who Own Themselves

Gain insights to the self-determination of the Métis Nation, from the 1800s to present day. It has been said the best tool of the Métis People was organization, from small provisional governments to the largest Indigenous Self-Government in Canada, an overview of the journey and what this means for the future will be discussed.

The Métis Crossing team will engage you in a series of our Signature experiences developed to share Métis worldviews. They will allow you to better understand Métis relationships with the land, animals, water and skies and invite you to reconnect.


Traditional Art Project

Partake in a Traditional Art project, providing opportunities for interactive, hand-on learning. Our art project reflects the shifting needs and practices of the Métis people. Join our Métis knowledge holder and make your own wall pocket. Cultural discussions and teachings will happen throughout. The wall pocket becomes a literal and figurative place to keep your personal reflections and knowledge gained throughout the course.


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    Register Now

    To register for this event, reach out to the Métis Crossing team at

    To learn more call 780.656.2229

    Our Awards

    Discover the milestones of our success through the awards that celebrate our dedication to service and excellence in the industry.


    We are Métis

    Learn about our distinct Indigenous culture, traditions and shared history

    We Are Métis

    Common Questions

    Do you have to be Métis to come to Métis Crossing?

    Métis Crossing is for everyone! While we are proud to be a place that all Métis people can call home and can see themselves in, we are a place for everyone. When you come to Métis Crossing, we hope that no matter your background or previous knowledge, that you will leave with both a better understanding and connection with your own heritage and with Métis people.

    What is Métis Crossing?

    Métis Crossing is the first major Métis cultural interpretive centre in Alberta and is a premier destination for Alberta Métis cultural interpretation, education, gatherings, and business development.

    Métis Crossing is a place for Métis people to share our Distinct Indigenous Story with the world, and a place for everyone to visit to reflect and reconnect with their own personal story.

    Sitting on 688-acres of land, comprised of river lot titles from the original Métis settlers to the region in the late 1800s, The Crossing is designed to engage and excite visitors through an exploration of Métis cultural experiences.

    Métis Crossing strives to represent and share elements of Métis culture; pride of culture and respect (with self-identification), family reconnection and reconciliation, sacredness of place and empathy and acknowledgement with all visitors.

    What should I bring when I come to Métis Crossing?

    When you are visiting Métis Crossing you should expect an outdoor experience. Visiting Métis Crossing is an opportunity to be outside and experience the 688-acres of beauty that is Métis Crossing. Not only that, but we are located along the North Saskatchewan River! When you come to visit, please consider the weather and season


    • Good footwear that may get wet.
    • Dress in layers, and dress for the weather.
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug spray
    • Water bottle
    • A hat
    • Sunglasses


    • Winter gloves
    • Toque
    • Winter boots
    • Scarf
    • Snow pants
    • Skates (for ice rink)
    • Skiis (for Cross-Country Skiing)
    • Thermos

    Are pets allowed?

    As we look to protect the permaculture at Métis Crossing, please adhere to the following rules related to pets:

    No animals are permitted in the Metis Crossing Cultural Interpretive Centre, Deck or all lands east of the Campsite entry access road.

    Pets are welcome and permitted only within the Campsite of Metis Crossing

    Pets are not permitted near or within the Comfort Camping Trapper tent sites

    Pets are not permitted at Metis Crossing canoe launch beach.

    Pets must be kept on a leash no more than 2M in length at all times

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