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In the News

In the News

Métis Crossing in the News


Alberta’s First Major Métis Cultural Interpretive Destination

Alberta Mamas visits Métis Crossing with her two oldest kids for an immersive experience.

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indigenous tourisms role in reconciliation in northern alberta

Indigenous tourism’s role in reconciliation in Northern Alberta

Guests can stay overnight in the colder months at Métis Crossing, just outside of Smoky Lake

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reasons to visit metis crossing in alberta canada in 2022

Discover a Side of Indigenous Canada at Métis Crossing, Newly Expanding in 2022

From left: Lilyrose Meyers, the Knowledge Holder at Métis Crossing; a rare white buffalo.

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bison roam again in alberta the mtis crossing cultural centre is expanding into a year round destination

Where the bison roam again: In Alberta, the Métis Crossing cultural centre

Following the creaking wheels of the horse-drawn Red River cart, I join a group

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indigenous alberta canada road trip

A 5-Day Road Trip Through Indigenous Alberta

It’s easier than ever to find an authentic Indigenous tourism experience in Canada

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white bison metis crossing alberta

Exploring Alberta’s First Métis Cultural Site

The undisturbed snow glistened like a blanket of pearls in the afternoon

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vacay 20 best cover for 2022

20 Best Places to Travel in Canada for 2022 Time for Indigenous Tourism

Five years ago, Canada was at the beginning of a series of parties that were akin

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Hero Metis Nation buffalo Métis Crossing White Bison Release Quick

Bison Indigenous Culture Alberta

Buffalo helped build the Métis Nation until European settlers hunted them to their near-extinction.

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