Cenovus Skills Barn

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Cenovus Skills Barn
September 17, 2020

Métis Crossing is the first major Métis cultural interpretive destination in Alberta offering visitors Métis educational experiences, gathering spaces, and business development opportunities. When you visit Métis Crossing you will be immersed in the distinct Indigenous story of the Métis people and take part in authentic cultural experiences and activities.

The Skills Barn at Métis Crossing was supported by contributions from our Threads of the Sash community partner Cenovus Energy. The Skills Barn is a place for learning, connecting and sharing traditional Métis skills. Visitors to the Skills Barn should expect to experience interpretative activities including traditional woodworking techniques, fishing techniques, hide tanning and trapping demonstrations.

 “Métis Crossing is an incredible resource for our province and our country that celebrates Metis culture and educates the public on their rich and important history.”  – Leanne Courchesne, Group Lead Community Investment at Cenovus

“Our hope is that the skills barn will showcase a wide range of skills, art and culture that Métis people have contributed to our society. Opportunities like this go a long way to help us understand each other better, a key and important component of achieving reconciliation.” – Leanne Courchesne, Group Lead Community Investment at Cenovus

Métis Crossing is thrilled to offer visitors the opportunity to participate in traditional skills diving deeper into the early life of the Métis People. The Skills Barn is important as it connects us to the past through a hands-on approach. Visitors will walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and gain an understanding of how they created life for themselves, through tradition, resilience and what was available to them through nature and their relationship with the land. This provides deeper understanding and appreciation to the early Métis way of life.

Métis Crossing is thrilled to have a partner in Cenovus, a company that strives to support programs and initiatives that help build strong families and safe sustainable communities. A big part of their focus is on supporting Indigenous traditions.

As we embark on this relationship, both Métis Crossing and Cenovus are excited to see what can be achieved through this partnership and look forward to providing a meaningful cultural experience for visitors. We believe this partnership will highlight and celebrate Métis Culture and hope that this partnership can continue to focus on education and supporting all people, allowing us all to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Métis culture.