Traditional Twined Woven Bag

Make a bag like the Métis use to carry small personal items, as traditional clothing had no pockets. Learn about the historic and contemporary methods and materials used for these bags, as well as create your own small bag in this workshop.

Wall Pocket

In the mid 1800 Métis women made a variety wall pockets from what material they had on hand or access to for their homes. They were made with wool, birchbark or leather. They decorated these wall pockets with beadwork, embroidery or porcupine quills.

Wall pockets provide storage space for small household or personal items as well as a bright room decoration.

Instruction will include intro to embroidery, ribbon embroidery and wool tufting.

Silver Berry Seed Workshop

Make a pair of beautifully unique earrings using a traditional natural item used for decorating–silver berry seeds! You will learn how to identify, process, and use these striped seeds to create innovative jewelry. Course also includes important tips and tricks in using findings and combining different materials to make stunning pieces of wearable art. All materials are included in the courseprice.

Ribbon Skirt

Ribbon skirts are a historical and traditional form of identity among Indigenous women. Learning to construct one for yourself is honouring Métis women’s heritage and culture. Each time we put on our skirt, we are reminded of the roles of women. We are reminded of how to honour and protect ourselves, and how to carry ourselves. Ribbon skirts come in different colours and hold different meanings to the women who wear them.

Participants are welcome to bring their own supplies, but material packages are available. Please indicate your dress size when you register.

Supply list:
-2-4m of cotton fabric
-thread to match fabric colour
-2m of 1” wide elastic
-fabric/satin ribbon, same length as fabric, various colours
Please bring your own sewing machine and sewing tools.

Intro to Fingerweaving

Fingerweaving is the traditional way to create the beautiful and iconic Métis sash, and it’s something you can do almost anywhere. Learn the basic methods in this ingenious way of creating woven cloth.

Intro to Beading

Learn how to bead using a two-needle appliqué technique, one of the traditional ways the Métis decorate clothing and special items. In this class participants will learn how to bead making a flower pin. All materials are included in the course price.

Family Winter Fun Day

Winter is here and it’s time to have some fun! Métis Crossing is creating some fantastic winter experiences for the whole family, like skating overlooking the North Saskatchewan River, tobogganing in the river valley, Métis story time around the fire, snowshoeing, and special cold-weather treats at the Métis Crossing Café.

Please bring your own skates, helmets, and snowshoes. Snowshoes are available for rent when

*Fee for snowshoe rental
*Some experiences are weather dependent

Family Christmas Craft Workshop

While we can’t gather together like we have in the past, Métis Crossing wants to help families build Christmas memories in a Merry Métis way! Starting November 21, Families can book a session to make crafts with Métis Crossing Knowledge Holder Lilyrose Meyers and Métis Crossing interpreters. The Métis Crossing Café will be open for hot chocolate, festive treats, and a delicious seasonal lunch. After the crafts have been made, families are invited to enjoy the outdoor fun and wide open spaces that Métis Crossing has to offer.

Tales from the Trapline

Tales from the Trapline is a 4-hour immersive Indigenous experience that explores Métis traditional winter activities and skills on an historic Métis River Lot farm. Strap on a set of snowshoes, set a snare, build a survival shelter, and learn a traditional art as you create your own unique and beautiful keepsake.
We will be starting this experience on January 9th and will continue weekends until March 21s(weather permitting).
The experience runs from 12pm–4pm, and participants are invited to come a little earlier and indulge in a delicious lunch from our Winter menu.

Métis Capote Making Workshop

Capotes are the staple of Métis winter survival – a beautiful coat made from a wool blanket. This workshop is being led by guest instructor Orlean Lizotte, and she will teach you how to make your very own capote using traditional stitches and decoration. Cost of course includes wool blanket and all materials required for the workshop. Please include your coat size when registering (S, M, L, XL).