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Camping – A Cultural Experience in Northern Alberta

February 26, 2021

The Northern Alberta camping terrainis a point of access to some of Canada’s most breathtaking natural treasures. Built on the values of local Indigenous heritage and culture, Métis Crossing offers a camping experience that is truly unmatched.


Discover the lives and ancestry of the Métis people as you step into a world gone by that is made up of time-honored traditions. Learn the values and moral structure of the Métis and come to understand the dynamics of Indigenous society. Through many different activities and events, Small off road camper will have the chance to enjoyfirst-hand experience of our customs, cuisine, and music.


Camping is the most effective way to reconnect with nature. The same applies to cultural understanding. Rather than simply read or hear about the experience of Indigenous communities, our camping services give people a tangible way to explore our culture, our traditions, and our way of life, in a way that’s not only entertaining but educational.


The Heritage Cycle Rediscovered through Camping

Cultural heritage is an important part of the Métis Crossing experience. We invite people both nationally and internationally to come and enjoy the natural and cultural experiencesthat we have to offer.


Our approach to teaching Métis culture stems from the heritage cycle. Focusing on the built environment (tents, homesteads), natural environment (forests, lakes), and artifacts (clothing, instruments, photographs), we provide a window into the past as well as the present.


Visit and Camp at World Heritage Sites in Alberta

Alberta is lucky to be home to several World Heritage Sites. Known for their outstanding natural beauty and historical significance, these sites are valuable places to elevateyour cultural exploration.


Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks

The Rockies host multiple mountain parks that are made up of breathtaking mountain views and stunning craggy peaks. Surrounded by tranquil lakes and lush forests, there are plenty of activities to enjoy.


Dinosaur Provincial Park

Instantly recognizable for its iconic badland geology, Dinosaur Provincial Park has been a discovery site for more than fifty-eight species of dinosaurs.


Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Holding the title for the world’s oldest, largest, and best-preserved buffalo jump, this site is a must-visit destination. Buffalo hunting was and continues to be a vital part of indigenous culture, and this buffalo jump is a testimony to ancient life and Native American society.


Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park

Featuring the biggest unspoiled collection of natural land in North America, Waterton-Glacier is truly a perfect preservation of the raw landscape and ecology that indigenous cultures have lived in harmony with for thousands of years.


Wood Buffalo National Park

As the largest National Park in Canada (even bigger than Switzerland!), Wood Buffalo attracts millions of visitors seeking a natural and escapist experience in rural Alberta.


Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

Writing-on-Stone is home to one of the most impressive pieces of indigenous art found anywhere in the world. Dated to time before the introduction of the horse to North America, its collection of aboriginal rock art is truly something to behold.

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