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Wall Pockets – Métis Traditional Art Program

Wall pockets – September 27, 2020

In the mid 1800 Métis women made a variety wall pockets from what material they had on hand or access to for their homes. They were made with wool, birchbark or leather. They decorated these wall pockets with beadwork, embroidery or porcupine quills.

Wall pockets provide storage space for small household or personal items as well as a bright room decoration.

Instruction will include intro to embroidery, ribbon embroidery and wool tufting.

Wall pocket patterns: 7 x 9.

Max Number of participants: 15

$75.00/attendee for six hour program, lunch included, 11am start time.

Book by calling 1.780.656.2229

Walk in Our Mocs – Métis Archery Program

Fall 2020

One of Canada’s Indigenous People, the Métis, began here. Taught by proud grandparents, their way of life, crafts, survival and entrepreneurship of the Métis people live on. Walk in Our Mocs is a two-hour immersive Indigenous tourism experience telling the story of survival on the land and a way of life of the within the Historic Victoria District National Historic Site. A perfect blend of culture, the great outdoors, and Métis history.

Join us at Métis Crossing to hear stories of Métis life on the land and try your skills with a bow and arrow on our natural course and a delicious lunch infused with the flavours of a Métis kitchen.


  • Immerse yourself in Métis culture and ways of knowing
  • Practice your skills with a bow and arrow
  • Identify plants, animals, and the traces animals leave behind
  • Explore the boreal forest of the North Saskatchewan River Valley
  • Spend time on an historic Métis River Lot
  • Enjoy Indigenous inspired cuisine
  • Discover the diversity of plants and animals that call Métis Crossing home

Lunch provided with the program.

Approximate length of program is 2 hours plus lunch. Programming available from 11:00am – 2:00pm Saturdays & Sundays.

Prices: $48 adults, $40 youth

Audience: ages 6 and up (youth require parent/guardian supervision), course requires long stretches of walking on uneven terrain and ability to use a bow.

Each group will have their own bow(s), arrows, and area to practice their shots. We will also be making sure that cohorts are properly distanced from each other.


Walk in our Mocs Daily
MNA / Settlement Citizen’s 20% Off
Adult $48
Senior (over 65) $40
Youth (5-17) $40
Child (4 and under) n/a

Pre-book your signature Walk in Our Mocs experience now. Space is limited.

Book by calling 1.780.656.2229 or by completing the contact form below.

NOTE: A member of the Métis Crossing team will email you back and provide your finalized booking information within 48 hours. This is not an official booking. Your official booking will come via email from our team.